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 World Peace through enlightenment : EVERYTHING MUST BECOME NEW!

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Let me repeat here again for the sake of emphasis : if you want peace of mind, you must become new, a new creature who has inwardly and outwardly adapted to the new world order.

If you look around you with discerning eyes, you would’ve noticed that things are no longer the way they used to be. Everything has changed, in principle, in the spirit. Then, the change is unfolding before our very eyes on an hourly basis, only those without a tweak of conscious awareness can still say that things are as they used to be.

No big deal? Change has been there all along? The only constant is change? Well, the change I refer to here is not the change induced by any political machinery, not the change orchestrated by some tyrant figure over his subjects, I am talking about the collective change in all human affairs, be it in the economy, social life, religion, culture, politics, nature…not least the very distinctive value shifts rocking all peoples! Something is astir within the hearts of men, forcing them to re-evaluate life, to think and ask the basic questions of life. A higher Will stronger than the stubborn self will of humanity has been enthroned, and men stand incredulous and uncomprehending before the great happening. Henceforth, it is no longer business as usual.

We have once again come to the crossroads in our existence, albeit for the last time – the unfolding spectacle of streams of happenings is rocking us up, shaking our very human foundations such that we are no longer at ease, leaving the few who are still alive inwardly to become seekers of the truth, while those who are very sure of themselves do not even bother, for in any case they are already spiritually dead.

They are the very ones, the dead in spirit who are now being rudely roused out of their sleep in the chain of tribulations afflicting humankind. Remember : all that is dead in creation shall be awakened in the judgement so that they may pass judgement upon themselves. The only way to contain these trying times and go through them with inner peace, is by being aware.

Be aware of who you are, your purpose on this earth. Know the meaning of life. Become acquainted with those eternal laws of nature which harbour the Divine Will, and adjust your life accordingly. This is not asking too much of anyone, it is necessary self preservation, to be or not to be, finally and irrevocably.

Presently only those people suffer who are ignorant of what is going on. Things have fallen apart and their centre can no longer hold. They have delayed too long before the necessary awakening. They must now suffer doubly under everything. Yet they must give thanks for being allowed to experience everything they must experience, for that is the only way to help them.

The laws of creation
If we as human creatures are wise enough to include manuals or guidelines by which our creations may be joyfully utilised, why shouldn’t we expect our Creator to be far wiser than us to include a manual, as it were, by which life can only be successfully lived? Why do we not pay heed to the very active laws we observe in nature, and apply them in our own lives?

These laws are unwritten, yet they are visibly there as timeless principles in the eternal cycle of events. Manifold are their varying forms and applications, but three stand out such that we may refer to them as the main pillars of creation:

1. The law of spiritual gravitation

2. The law of attraction of homogeneous species

3. The law of reciprocal actions

 Put differently, the Law of Reciprocal Actions states that we reap whatever we sow. Some call it the law of karma, others call it the law of cause and effect. Whatever we choose to call it, the significant thing about this law is that it makes sure you get in return as fruits and many times over whatever seeds you put into creation in the form of thoughts, words and visible deeds. The import of this as creatures of freewill is to let our choices be such that brings us happiness, not doom.

The law of attraction of what is similar plays out in like attracting like. Birds of a feather flock together. Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are!, and so on.

Gravity dictates where we find ourselves in time and space.What is light floats or ascends, what is heavy sinks or descends, owing to its heaviness.

These three laws ensure sanity, accountability and justice in the cosmic order. When we become aware of them, we would no longer see ourselves as creatures of chance or arbitrary fate, we would know where and how we participate in our threads of fate.

We will become knowing :-

Peace has not eluded us. He has not given peace to some and denied same of others. We, of our free volitions enjoy peace of mind or deny ourselves of the right to peace when through wrong choices, we oppose the natural laws.

We would become calm. And as our awareness expands, so will our gratitude for being given the opportunity to experience consciously. We would no longer flock with chickens, when we are supposed to be eagles. We would immediately realise that all hurt feelings are simply the result of wrong associations. We would build bridges of love, but the certainty of a bridge already indicates we are all separated by walls and rivers and oceans of individual choices, which cannot just be wished away, our bridges should only be crossed by those with the right key, which is love.

We would no longer harm others in our pursuit of relevance and happiness, for just as we are seeking happiness, they too are seeking happiness.We would help them know that happiness already dwells within them as an ocean of unmanifest being, seeking manifestation, and they need only be to manifest this happiness.

We would no longer wallow in bitterness nor envy anyone. We would be at peace, knowing we are exactly where we are meant to be, by our choosing. That it would take nothing other than a new pattern of choices replacing old patterns for us to experience any height or level of happiness.

    Expanding Awareness

    Happiness and the laws of naturalness

    Happiness as a result of being natural

    Being natural, to a great extent is not as easy to define as it may seem. Naturalness is to be found in the nature of all realities, whether manifest or not.

    It took on a living form in the web of providence, in which we clearly see the good hands of a loving Creator of all things. 

    The laws of being are those specific laws of naturalness which stipulates the conditions, rationale and limits of existence for all that is contained in absolute reality.

    Much has been written and said about happiness – many agree that it is a state of being. But of this being, consensus seems to be lacking. Bring two people together and ask them to pinpoint that exact state of being at which we could say someone is profoundly happy, and you see variations of perceptions as to what constitutes happiness. This article will attempt to address the subject from a space of clarity, and subjective inferences avoided as much as possible.

    The laws of  being

    There are as many laws of being as any investigator of inner life would want to grapple with, but three of these laws immediately stand out in the way they embrace all else contained in others:

    1. The law of love

    The law of love is the primary law guiding the entire cosmos, and as creatures of love, we cannot get around the necessity of being love in our own experience and in the experiences of others. What is the larger implication of this?

    First, that love is not something passive, it is being through prompt engagement in joyful activity. Any mediocre can sit in an armchair and talk about love endlessly with high sounding words, but only those really alive inwardly put love into practice by taking deliberate actions to care for themselves and others.

    Sermons on love, however beautiful, cannot replace practical love. We need to get up and act in the overall interest of those we claim to love. A being cannot be loving and be lacking in happiness at the same time, because the practice of love brings happiness automatically to him.

    2. The law of balance

    The law of balance is consequent upon the law of love. We are to give unceasingly as we sow good thoughts, words and deeds, but we have a duty to also take. Taking ensures continuity in the necessary circulation of all the currents of love throughout the cosmic order.

    By taking we do not mean mere blind grabbing of what comes our way, not minding whether we really need them or not, it means to take what we do need for immediate survival, and nothing more, for all things change forms and grabbing is actually a lack of faith in a universe of abundance.

    In its advanced finer state, taking implies standing on duty to receive and transmit higher vibrations of love from higher to lower lying realms.

    We cannot avoid taking without bringing harm upon ourselves anymore than we can avoid breathing in, in order not to be seen as greedy.

    We can relate this to happiness by always ensuring there is a balance in the flow of inputs into our lives, and outputs we give out. Our physical, emotional, financial and spiritual health all depend on this balance.

    3. The law of responsibility

    This law is an inalienable attribute of the gift of freewill. Being spiritual at our deepest core, we are powerfully attracting magnets. But we could attract everything in sight in a wild medley of desires, and ultimately plunge ourselves into confusion and disease were it not for the free will to choose only those vibrations as suit our actual preferences in line with our nature. So the free will acts as a check, that we may not blindly bring upon ourselves what is harmful through choosing wrongly.

    The responsibility is ours to choose to experience only what is noble and  uplifting by thinking only pure thoughts, speaking only the right words and doing only the right things. We are free to make this decision of choice only at the beginning of each event, but having chosen, we are irrevocably bound to the consequences of our decisions, and must accept responsibility, no matter whether the outcome is pleasant or sorrowful.

    There is a school of thought that wants to pick a quarrel about this law of responsibility by claiming there are no right or wrong actions, but only actions, only experiences, which ultimately must lead to the good of the individual. I do not wish to contest their position, after all, a great deal of consciousness is immersed in a relativity duel between objectivity and subjectivity.

    I only want to draw their attention to the fact that not all experiences ultimately lead to the good of the individual, only those experiences are beneficial from which their lessons were extracted and put to use.

    If we observe the natural laws, we are free and happy. If we work against these laws, we suffer pain and anguish, and at its extreme, we may lose all the consciousness already acquired in the course of our wanderings through this part of this cosmos. And we return via the dark tunnel, to the Source whence we came, as a fruit of creation which didn’t accomplish its purpose. 

    Expanding Awareness

    Why is change so difficult for most people?

    Of all concepts, change is the one permanent reality most brutally resisted by human beings!
    Change is the one constant we’ve all come to embrace as creatures of intelligence, yet it is also the one most strongly resisted and avoided by the average individual. The last thing an average person would want to do is to change an undesirable attribute or situation in favour of something more worthy, beneficial or productive. But why do we resist change, even when we already admit it as essential to our progress?

    1. The greatest culprit is probably spiritual indolence. A habitual laziness of both body and mind that shies away from doing the needful. Here is where procrastination comes in – it is not always that procrastinators do not realise the need or urgency for change, but their habitual deference has become so lethal and incapacitating, that they must be seen as persons in need of great help. They need to be rehabilitated on how to regain ownership of their lost free will.

    2. Lack of awareness is another strong factor. There is no way you can expect someone who doesn’t even know he needs change to begin the process of change. With but a few exceptions, the majority of people are not quite different from animals, in their manner of conduct. Most animals exist only to eat, drink and give birth. At the outmost, their bodies can serve as food, and quite a few are used as beasts of burden.

    Earthmen however, ought to be different. We are not quite so similar to animals with no particular goals to strive after or dreams to fulfill; we can know, know that we have a mission on this earth, and that our lives have great, beautiful purpose.

    Awareness leads to self love and brings with it a high sense of personal responsibility. People get to realise the powers they possess, and that these powers are meant to be channeled to productive use. It is common to see individuals who think they are nothing, and cannot count for any meaningful progress. 

    3. Vanity. The craving for importance, the mania for credibility and revenge all lend impetus to great stubbornness. And as we all know, stubbornness is an obstacle against which even the gods themselves fight in vain, because stubbornness is akin to stupidity.

    Many there are, who want to know why they should change, and what they stand to benefit in the process. They make it sound as if they are being begged. Are they not aware how even the smallest shift in perspective can become a catalyst for profound epiphanies? Positive change is always a win-win for all. The process may be painful and demanding, yet in the end, the individual emerges a new person, whose consciousness having been expanded, would never remain the same again.

    Expanding Awareness

    Humanity – the best we can ever be!

    The best we can ever be, as humans, is to allow the humanity in us to come to full value. We can do this by paying the necessary attention to things that are really of benefit to us, by showing more love, compassion and empathy to our environment and fellow beings in this remotest part of the cosmos.

    Not by reaching out and wishing for privileges that in the natural order of things, we can never enjoy. It is not wrong to aspire to greater new heights of achievement, as long as what we seek lies within the domain of our human existence, that is what is desired; but it is a dangerous diversion to constantly neglect the little things that make our humanity meaningful just because we already want to overstep our boundaries.

    Do we have boundaries as humans? Why, yes, we have boundaries! And boundaries are limits! The good news about these boundaries is that they are natural, they are not placed on us by compulsion, it is simply a matter of the abilities inherent in the species.

    Humans are by origin spiritual. In this spirituality, they have their home and can stretch their imaginations and abilities to any length, they can achieve whatever they want to achieve, without fear of a possible lack of space! There is ample and infinite room for development and expansion within the bounds of spirituality.

    However, the moment men cease from making the necessary efforts to be at their very best at all times as spiritually mature beings and begin to nourish the idea of being divine, he loses every support and at the extreme he becomes an outlaw – never quite human nor what he aspires to be! We were formed after the image and likeness of the Creator, this doesn’t quite make us the Creator himself. He alone is Supremely Divine and infinitely perfect. Man can be faultless, if he practices chastity to the highest degree, yet this will never make him perfect or holy . Perfection is the exclusive attribute of pure divinity.

    “Of course we know this!“, many would declare, yet how easily we get distracted by always having one foot hanging in some “heavenly divine places”, while the other foot, not quite securely placed on the ground, we must then totter and fall, for we are neither here nor there in the process.

    There are many challenges facing humanity on earth, but already for a long time now, our preoccupation is with artificial intelligence – how to replace entire human functions by robots. We want to visit the sun, we want to send drones to Pluto, we have apps for virtually every conceivable thing, yet we do not know how to eradicate hunger, envy and hatred, excruciating poverty, racism, war and disease.

    Whether we arrived here by direct creation, evolution or both, one thing seems to be clear : there is a Supreme Power in charge and there is a purpose behind it all. So it is in order to ask : does our purpose here on earth also include destroying it with hate, negligence and vain ambitions?