The Prisoner in Us

Joy, happiness, peace, beauty and order are all contained in the natural path to freedom.

Life for us humans is an unbroken documentary of the choices we make every moment, and as one moment gives way for another, we experience the eternal NOW. By hindsight, we realize our moments can be mapped into recurring seasons. There are seasons of courage, joy, happiness, positivity and productivity, and there are seasons when we lack the courage to undertake even the most ordinary tasks. As we mature inwardly through experiencing, we arrive at the mountain top of permanence, where we become one with all seasons, and we perfect in the art of choosing only that which has the potential to advance us.
The art of living is the art of choosing. Our duty is to interprete the meaning of the lessons inherent in every single experience arising from the choices we make. Every experience has its universal implications on us, nevertheless, it is the definition or interpretation we individually give to it that counts in the shaping of our collective destiny. Every moment, we are being confronted with a mandate to choose, we must decide, we must act! The law of adaptation guides us as with invisible good hands towards ensuring that our choices are those most favourable for survival, else our very existence could be threatened.

We are not always successful in the art of aligning our realities with universal realities, we all faulter. But then almost immediately we notice our error in the ensuing retribution, and we are urged to refrain from making similar choices in the future as may bring us suffering. We keep ourselves prisoner when we refuse to learn fast and understand that the only good in suffering is the awareness that we create it ourselves through wrong choices, yet these wrong choices if they happen a few times are necessary in learning what is right.

Order and harmony, as opposed to chaos is the universal principle which produce beauty. We see beauty in every single expression of the Divine will, why then do many fight so hard to adopt the unnatural position that suffering at any level is natural and necessary? Suffering is not in the least an end, it is only a last resort means employed by nature in teaching us how to align our wishes in the best interest of all.
Some people are fast learners, and so avoid the reproach of recurring suffering upon themselves, a single or a few mistakes in the same experience is enough to strengthen their knowledge or awareness, whereas a great many others take the road of recurring self torture.

It is important then that we receive enlightenment and realise the boundary line beyond which suffering no longer serves any good but must even be labeled as wilful vanity. In this connection, we may now reflect on the value inherent in voluntary martyrdom and all forms of gruesome self denials that leave the body and soul totally brutalized. It is important for us to know that Life never wills for us to suffer, that joy and happiness are the default paths designed for us in the weaving of the natural laws.

Those in the luminous realms of Joyful activity, who never had the need to incarnate in the material world because they were already whole from the very beginning, live in and enjoy this constant happiness as a matter of course. The idea that without suffering, there can be no real joy is therefore only a partial truth. It is only necessary to emphasize that suffering is only to be found in the material fields of creation, where the learning takes place for all incarnate beings not strong enough in the first instance to withstand the pressure of eternal happiness, and must first learn to adapt to it through gentle learning in the material worlds.