Expanding Awareness

Humanity – the best we can ever be!

The best we can ever be, as humans, is to allow the humanity in us to come to full value. We can do this by paying the necessary attention to things that are really of benefit to us, by showing more love, compassion and empathy to our environment and fellow beings in this remotest part of the cosmos.

Not by reaching out and wishing for privileges that in the natural order of things, we can never enjoy. It is not wrong to aspire to greater new heights of achievement, as long as what we seek lies within the domain of our human existence, that is what is desired; but it is a dangerous diversion to constantly neglect the little things that make our humanity meaningful just because we already want to overstep our boundaries.

Do we have boundaries as humans? Why, yes, we have boundaries! And boundaries are limits! The good news about these boundaries is that they are natural, they are not placed on us by compulsion, it is simply a matter of the abilities inherent in the species.

Humans are by origin spiritual. In this spirituality, they have their home and can stretch their imaginations and abilities to any length, they can achieve whatever they want to achieve, without fear of a possible lack of space! There is ample and infinite room for development and expansion within the bounds of spirituality.

However, the moment men cease from making the necessary efforts to be at their very best at all times as spiritually mature beings and begin to nourish the idea of being divine, he loses every support and at the extreme he becomes an outlaw – never quite human nor what he aspires to be! We were formed after the image and likeness of the Creator, this doesn’t quite make us the Creator himself. He alone is Supremely Divine and infinitely perfect. Man can be faultless, if he practices chastity to the highest degree, yet this will never make him perfect or holy . Perfection is the exclusive attribute of pure divinity.

“Of course we know this!“, many would declare, yet how easily we get distracted by always having one foot hanging in some “heavenly divine places”, while the other foot, not quite securely placed on the ground, we must then totter and fall, for we are neither here nor there in the process.

There are many challenges facing humanity on earth, but already for a long time now, our preoccupation is with artificial intelligence – how to replace entire human functions by robots. We want to visit the sun, we want to send drones to Pluto, we have apps for virtually every conceivable thing, yet we do not know how to eradicate hunger, envy and hatred, excruciating poverty, racism, war and disease.

Whether we arrived here by direct creation, evolution or both, one thing seems to be clear : there is a Supreme Power in charge and there is a purpose behind it all. So it is in order to ask : does our purpose here on earth also include destroying it with hate, negligence and vain ambitions?