Expanding Awareness

Why is change so difficult for most people?

Of all concepts, change is the one permanent reality most brutally resisted by human beings!
Change is the one constant we’ve all come to embrace as creatures of intelligence, yet it is also the one most strongly resisted and avoided by the average individual. The last thing an average person would want to do is to change an undesirable attribute or situation in favour of something more worthy, beneficial or productive. But why do we resist change, even when we already admit it as essential to our progress?

1. The greatest culprit is probably spiritual indolence. A habitual laziness of both body and mind that shies away from doing the needful. Here is where procrastination comes in – it is not always that procrastinators do not realise the need or urgency for change, but their habitual deference has become so lethal and incapacitating, that they must be seen as persons in need of great help. They need to be rehabilitated on how to regain ownership of their lost free will.

2. Lack of awareness is another strong factor. There is no way you can expect someone who doesn’t even know he needs change to begin the process of change. With but a few exceptions, the majority of people are not quite different from animals, in their manner of conduct. Most animals exist only to eat, drink and give birth. At the outmost, their bodies can serve as food, and quite a few are used as beasts of burden.

Earthmen however, ought to be different. We are not quite so similar to animals with no particular goals to strive after or dreams to fulfill; we can know, know that we have a mission on this earth, and that our lives have great, beautiful purpose.

Awareness leads to self love and brings with it a high sense of personal responsibility. People get to realise the powers they possess, and that these powers are meant to be channeled to productive use. It is common to see individuals who think they are nothing, and cannot count for any meaningful progress. 

3. Vanity. The craving for importance, the mania for credibility and revenge all lend impetus to great stubbornness. And as we all know, stubbornness is an obstacle against which even the gods themselves fight in vain, because stubbornness is akin to stupidity.

Many there are, who want to know why they should change, and what they stand to benefit in the process. They make it sound as if they are being begged. Are they not aware how even the smallest shift in perspective can become a catalyst for profound epiphanies? Positive change is always a win-win for all. The process may be painful and demanding, yet in the end, the individual emerges a new person, whose consciousness having been expanded, would never remain the same again.